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"COMLANG CENTER - The School of Excellence", was established in Padukka in the year 2018 with the objective of enhancing the computer literacy of the children of the country. Although, initially started by a small group of students, today we have a significant number of students studying in our institute. So also, our students are facilitated by a modern computer lab equipped with high speed computers, and educated by large numbers of theoretical and practical activities.

~ Our Vision ~

"...Aiming the institution towards unceasing development by fulfilling educational and social responsibilities and producing an excellent generation of children..."

~ Our Mission ~

"...To produce a generation of creative children with perfect knowledge and attitudes to face the rapidly changing society and competitive world..."

lectures library graduation
No. 35D,
M D H Jayawardene Mawatha,
Watarauma Road,
Padukka - 10500, Sri Lanka