About us

With the supreme objective of enhancing computer literacy of the children of the country, our educational institute has come to a successful milestone so far since its inception in 2018. We started with a handful of students and now have become a educational institute that delivers very formal computer training & ICT education to a considerable amount of students. The growing number of students day by day is a fine proof for our success in computer & ICT education. Further, our institute is one of the leading bodies of education in the Padukka area and we are constantly committed to achieve the responsibility towards society.

We have also given priority to develop the education, attitudes, and skills of our young generation. Our educational institute is running under the guidance of a qualified, respectable and much disciplined teacher. It is also popular among both students and parents living in this area. As an institute of education we are further dedicated to achieve the educational and social responsibilities for our community.

Our chief tutor

chandana gamage

Mr.Chandana Gamage is the CEO and chief tutor of our institute. With over 16 years of experiance which gained by locally and foreignly, he's been working with the noble objective of enhancing the literacy of Information and Communication Technology of the children of the country. Moreover, he strongly believes that in addition to education, developing children's discipline, attitudes and creative abilities is a top priority. So also, he is not been just acting as a tutor, also works as a software and website developer. Thus he is much capable in prgramming in java, python, html, css, javascript and jquery. Mr. Chandana Gamage is also the Managing Director of "Softlang Software Solutions", a sister company of ours.

No. 35D,
M D H Jayawardene Mawatha,
Watarauma Road,
Padukka - 10500, Sri Lanka